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Honeycomb Prism Earrings

Honeycomb Prism Earrings

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These earrings are cast from a single hexagonal prism of honeycomb. 

Honeycomb is built by bees to store pollen and honey and to hold their larvae.

Honeycomb prism is approximately .35 x .24 inches | 9 x 6 mm

recycled sterling silver, interior hollow plated in 14k yellow gold | recycled 14k yellow gold 

handmade sterling silver / 14k gold ear hooks come with silicone stoppers

Thicket pieces begin with creating a mold of found and foraged botanical samples and natural objects. This mold is used in a process called lost wax casting which essentially creates perfect replicas, in solid fine metal. The casting itself is done by an artisan casting house in New York City's jewelry district that specializes in working with recycled metals. Every other stage of production is done, by hand, in Portland, Maine.
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